Amy Wunderley


What is your favourite memory about Little Lever School?
There are far too many to mention just one! Little lever school was fantastic for me I had great friends, the teachers were all characters, some more than most, the varied sports clubs and activities were great

What were your notable achievements whilst at school? 
Actually passing my GCSEs – all above a C grade.

What did you go on to do after leaving the school?
I went on initially to a youth training scheme as a dental nurse and very quickly discovered it was not for me, sitting looking inside people’s mouths all day was not a good choice, so I went back to college sharpish and worked towards my A Levels. Following that I went into retail, worked at the airport for a time, collecting and banking money but eventually ended up working in social housing in Salford. I worked my way up into a high level manager’s job and spent a happy 18 years there but then with the government cuts to public service, I decided to take a voluntary redundancy offer and opened my own cafe Bistro in the centre of Little Lever which I now run successfully with my husband .. a bit of a varied career path!

What is the best thing about your current role / profession?
Working amongst people I’ve known all my life, being creative with my cooking and having fun every day interacting with our customers

What advice would you give to our current students?
Study hard, you get one shot and only one shot – your time at Little Lever feels long but I can assure you it’ll whizz by. Choose your options wisely and pick subjects you enjoy; you will do better if you actually enjoy what you’re studying. Get involved in the clubs and extra curricular subjects on offer – it’ll look fab in your CV and finally just always try your best, good luck!