John Hyde

What is your favourite memory about Little Lever School?
The school, was very sporty, unfortunately I wasn’t. However the school did have lots of flexibility for other interests, good library, clubs etc.

What did you go on to do after leaving the school? (For example, which university did you go to? Where did you complete your apprenticeship? Did you travel? etc.)

 Degree at Staffordshire University (Small Business Enterprise)
2nd Degree Salford University (Computer Science) to MSc level. Moved to San Francisco for 5 years, then returned to U.K. Worked in a global role in a specialist IT industry covering 60 countries and flying around 2million miles.

What is the best thing about your current role / profession?
One of the longest serving DCIM specialists in Europe, helped define this industry, but sales & services is much easier than developing code and designing frameworks. Never have two days the same and had pleasure in working worldwide with all kinds of companies and cultures in many types of situation.

What advice would you give to our current students?
1. What ever you do, make sure you enjoy it, this is the only way to become the best at what you do.
2. Have parallel interests, this helps solve problems, as you can think in one interest how to solve the same problem in another.
3. Whatever anyone says, or however bad it looks, there are always options, including the option of doing nothing.
4. If someone else has done something you think is impossible, then if you want to, you could do it too, just stay focused…keep your eyes on the prize!