Ian Fox

What is your favourite memory about Little Lever School?
Playing for Little lever school rugby team. Mr Welch got me to play I hated P.E other than that and because of what he did I also now play for Bolton RUFC still. Fundraising activities.

What were your notable achievements whilst at school? 
I received a thank you for my charitable achievements from Mrs Slingsby. At my mocks I was also predicted an E grade in maths. I really wanted a grade C  – I attended after school revision and I got a grade B!
What did you go on to do after leaving the school?
Went to college to do business and accounting.  I continued working at the family business for my grandma and granddad and after college, I went to work there full time.

What is the best thing about your current role / profession?
I love the stresses, strains and excitement of being the MD of our company. It’s going from strength to strength and we now employ over 30 people. We’re also diversifying now into other industries and so keep your eye out for the APC Overnight vans if they’re in Bolton or Wigan they’ll be one of ours.

What advice would you give to our current students?
Pick subjects that you enjoy. Respect your teachers – whilst they may come across as cruel, tedious, hardwork or slave drivers just bare in mind that they want you to achieve; they want you to do well. Teachers don’t go into teaching to do badly or earn millions. They do it to help the younger generation gain the early qualifications they need so that they can thrive in the future. That’s where a teacher’s sense of achievement comes from. That and the holidays :)