Madeleine Lennon

What is your favourite memory about Little Lever School?
In school I enjoyed being able to take part in lots of activities, learn new skills. I love that some friends are still here some years down the line and even though we have gone our separate ways, we still make time for each other. I enjoyed the school trips such as Paris and New York. The incredible experience of seeing broadway was an experience I still like to reminisce about today.

What were your notable achievements whilst at school? 
In school I took part in the student council, became head girl, played in the brass band (taught by some of the most incredible musicians in the UK), and took part in an after school science club.

What did you go on to do after leaving the school? 
After school I went on the study at Holy cross college in Bury and then to the university of Aberystwyth where I currently study microbiology.

What is the best thing about your current role / profession?
The best thing about doing a science degree is there are no boundaries, there is so much known yet so much we do not know. There are so many areas you can branch off to. Once the skills are there you can always go back to them. Knowing one day I could potentially be making a difference and travelling the world to carry out research. I also love being able to enthuse with accomplished scientists and get involved in projects and learn so many new skills and find my interests.

What advice would you give to our current students?
If I was to advise current students, I would say to dream big but know your limits. Work hard but enjoy the time that you have in school. If you find something interesting don’t be afraid to explore it. Failure is temporary. Learn from mistakes and do better. Determination, hard work and passion in what you love can get you anywhere. No matter how long it takes.